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The Eagle of Wall Street Concept

Most of the Finance World is based on simple notions like equity, debt, credit and balace sheet. However High Finance is totally different. As basic example one used to say: “When receiving a cheque in the context of the finance world, check its validity at the issuing bank. When receiving a cheque in the context of the High Finance world, check the solvency of the bank.”


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The Costs of the Deal

Many businesspeople come to me to ask me help them close multimillion and sometimes multibillion deals. They are broke but in their mind, this is

What the Disclosure Statement Tells You

A disclosure statement is a financial document about a transaction explaining key information in plain language. In simple terms, disclosure indicates explaining or making information

Evaluating a Potential Opportunity

The Factors of Eavaluation In addition to the traditional factors of evaluation of the finance world, the High Finance world has more complicated notions such

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