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Do You really need our services ?

If Your project is under USD 100 Million,

Do not bother calling us!  However our sister division, Eagle of Wall Street (without the “The”) can maybe accomodate Your needs. Do not hesitate to contact them and ask for a paying quote.

The Eagle of Wall Street can only be cost effective and meaningful in large projects whose global budget is over USD 100 Million with a strong preference for projects above USD 1 Billion. 

Work Team

Marc Deschenaux​

CEO Marc Deschenaux is a world renown specialist in High Finance from corporate finance to Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) going through private offerings. He raised

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Our Advantages

Marc Deschenaux

How to become our Client

Our criteria are the following: A $5 Million budget that they don’t need to live normally. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipi. Pher rutrum

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Marc Deschenaux

30 years of high finance

The general belief is that High Finance is finance with larger numbers. While this assertion is mostly true, it is so incomplete that it should

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